Consign with us!

We carefully select pre-loved mid to high end pieces in excellent to good condition. All items must be cleaned prior to drop off.

If you would like to proceed with consigning, please send us images of your items via Instagram (@luxeassemblyofficial) or email us at

As a guide, resale prices are approximately 40%-60% of original price, depending on the condition of the item. We will give you an estimated quote once we have assessed photos of your items, so please ensure you take as many photos of your items, as possible.

We look forward to helping you cash in and re-home your pieces. 

Did you know?

We are the only (that we know of) consignment store in Australia that has a cap on our fee!

Most stores will charge you a set percentage of your item. Imagine you had a gorgeous Hermes Birkin you'd like to sell... but at 15%-20% that most places charge, they'd be taking north of $3,000 on commission fees! At Luxe Assembly, we will gladly cap it at $800, giving you the most for your items.

What do you charge?

Our fee depends on the sale price of your items. You can view a breakdown of these fee's below:

  • 15% - for all items under $3000
  • 10% - for all items over $3,000 (capped at $800)

All items that we receive go through a vigorous authentication process. Any additional cleaning required to bring the item to saleable standard, will be charged to the consignee.

What does that include?

Our service:

  • Items are priced based on extensive market research. Each item is assessed and priced according to its condition, how current it is and secondary market value.
  • Sell items through our highly active database online and in-store customers
  • Process all sales, payments and shipments to customers.
  • Any follow up with customer payments and shipments after the sale.


We pride ourselves on ensuring both our buyers are happy with the products they purchase and we have strict measures in place to ensure authenticity of every item that comes into our store. Only items that are backed by our full confidence in legitimacy and authenticity are accepted.

If an item you have sent to us for consignment is deemed and confirmed to not be authentic, you will be charged a $150 service fee for authentication and postage of the item back to you. 

When/how do I get paid?

Consignors are paid within 5 business days of full payment on their sold item(s). Item(s) sold on payment plans will be paid out to the consignee 5 within 5 business days of the completion of the plan.

Do you offer buyers payment plans?

Yes, we offer buyers up to a maximum of 8 week payment plans. A consignor may choose not to offer payment plants. However, we do find items have a higher likelihood of selling on plans.

What happens if my item(s) doesn't sell?

After a minimum of 6 weeks consignment, any unsold items can be returned to the consignee upon request. If the consignee does not inform us, we will continue to market and promote the item(s) for sale.

Want to get started?

Here's what you need to do:

1. Send us photos of your item(s) you wish to sell via instagram or email at

2. Once your items have been approved by our team, we will send a consignment agreement form which will outline the agreed selling price and terms. 

3. Once we have received your items, please allow up to 7 business days for our consignment team to process your consignment.

4. Sit back, relax, and let us do the work of re-homing your items!

 Updated as of: October 2023